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Gastroenterology Center


Makoto Kako, M.D., Director of Gastroenterology Center

M.D., University of Tokyo Medical School
Treatment of Viral Hepatitis type B and C
Special Qualifications and Medical Society Memberships
  • Board Certified Specialist of The Japan Society of Hepatology
  • Board Certified Specialist of The Japanese Society of Gastroenterology
  • Board Certified Specialist of Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society
  • Fellow of the Japanese Society of International Medicine
  • Board Certified Member of Japan Society of Ningen Dock


Takeshi Kimbara,M.D.
Kazuya Koizumi,M.D.
Hideto Egashira,M.D.
Akiko Sasaki,M.D.
Haruki Uojima,M.D.
Satoshi Takizawa,M.D.
Sakue Masuda, M.D.
Shinnosuke Tokoro, M.D.
Chikamasa Ichida, M.D.



General Consultation Service Hours

【Morning hours】

7:30 ~ 12:00
(11:00 for Plastic Surgery)
(~11:30 for Internal Medicine initial visit)

【Afternoon hours】

12:30 ~ * Hours vary by department

【Evening hours】

16:45 ~ 19:00

※Some departments are by appointment only. Consultation Service Hours may vary by department. Please ask the clerk at the reception desk or call +81-467-46-1717 for further details regarding operating hours.

Days Closed

Sundays and Holidays

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Open 24 hours a day 365 days a year

※For more information, please contact us at +81-467-46-1717 or Fax +81-467-45-0190 or contact us.