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Executive Director's Message


Shuzo Kobayashi, M.D.,Ph.D.

“Our goal is to be a hospital that is loved and trusted by the community and one that patients are happy to come to.”
~ Aspiring to realize medical care that does not leave the weak behind and incorporates the world's most advanced medical care ~

It has already been 20 years since I became a vice director of Shonan Kamakura General Hospital. With effect from July 2022, I took up the post of executive director, and this has made me realize the importance of my responsibilities.

To date, I have been committing myself to the post of vice director and deputy director of hospital from Internal Medicine, believing in my utmost mission of improving the quality of medical care in the hospital, and receiving support from many for this cause. Looking back, I have received a lot of support and guidance from many people in the introduction of electronic medical records, the establishment of a medical safety system, the launch of the Oncology Center, the operation of the Nutritional Support Team (NST), regenerative medicine, and transplantation medicine.
The hospital has received guidance from many doctors at medical associations and is loved by many residents through our comprehensive regional medical system that promotes medical cooperation, from emergency and critical care to advanced medical treatment and peaceful endings. Also, as a medical corporation activity, I have visited 14 countries in Africa to provide support for medical care in the area of renal medicine.

Our goal is to be a hospital that is loved and trusted by the community and one that patients are happy to come to. Above all, we strive to be a patient-friendly hospital. Our hospital is also an educational hospital that is accredited in many clinical areas. As the education of young physicians is one of our important missions, we really appreciate your understanding and corporation and hope to receive your honest feedback and guidance. In addition, many of our medical departments and physicians are playing active roles nationally and globally, and constantly putting effort into training and education to facilitate advancement of medicine. I am also taking operational considerations into account so that the benefits of these efforts will be passed on to all of our patients as quickly as possible. In order to ensure that patients have good quality of life and good end-of-life care, we are strengthening alliances with affiliated institutions, which include geriatric-health services facilities, special nursing homes, and home care centers. A “Center for Regional Comprehensive Healthcare” has been established, and we are making efforts to closely work with physicians, as well as staff from welfare and administrative agencies. We will continue to organize various activities e.g. in-house lectures, concerts, and “Non-profit Organization The society for thinking about healing medicine”, to reach out to more people. This is in the hope of becoming a center for improving the lifestyles and culture of the members of the community.

In April 2021, the hospital completed construction of the Advanced Medical Center Building, which focuses on enhancing comprehensive cancer treatment, and in April 2022, the Critical Care Center and Trauma Center Building. In addition to emergency medical care, psychological care for cancer patients, socially vulnerable patients, and post-trauma patients is becoming an increasingly important issue. We aim to become a new hospital of the next generation that provides world-class catheterization, endoscopic surgery, radiotherapy, and regenerative medicine, including mental palliative care. We will continue to improve our pediatric department, including newborn care, and establish a system for treating allergic diseases, which is said to be one of the least developed in the world. We would appreciate your understanding, cooperation and guidance

Executive Director Shuzo Kobayashi

Our philosophy



Hospital Outline


Shonan Kamakura General Hospital
Iryohojin (Medical Corporation) Tokushukai

Address: 1370-1 Okamoto, Kamakura-City
Established in November 1988

Hospirate Certification SKGH is an accredited member of Hospirate. Accredation #13 (Hospital Rating Project for Better Working Conditions)
Area Site area: 45,911.35㎡
Total floor area: 85,522.22㎡
Building Area: 13,641.99㎡
Structure/Scale Building A (Main building): Reinforced concrete / Seismic isolation structure (excluding underground parking)
Building B (Emergency Medical Center / Trauma Center): Reinforced concrete / Earthquake-resistant structure
Building C (Annex): Reinforced concrete / Earthquake-resistant structure
Building D (Advanced Medical Center): Reinforced concrete structure / Earthquake-resistant structure
Number of floors and height Building A: 1 below ground, 15 above ground, 1 helipad, 1 penthouse / Height: 56.45m
Building B: 1 below ground, 6 above ground / Height: 28.695m
Building C: 3 above ground / Height: 14.00m
Building D: 1 below ground, 4 above ground / Height: 18.35m
Number of parking spaces 149 above ground, 173 underground
Related facilities

Tokushukai Group, Hayama Heart Center, Shonan Atsugi Hospital, Kamakura Joint Reconstruction Center, Shonan Hayama Daycare Clinic, Shonan Kamakura Clinic, Geriatric Health Services Facility Kamakura, Geriatric Health Services Facility Rehabilitation Care Shonan Kamakura, Geriatric Health Services Facility Yumegaoka, Special Elderly Nursing Home Kamakura Ai-no-Sato, Geriatric Health Services Facility Rehabilitation Care Shonan Atsugi, Shonan Kamakura Birth Clinic, Shonan Kamakura Regional Comprehensive Support Center, Aishin Home Visit Nursing Station, Zushi Morinosato, Shonan Kamakura University of Medical Sciences

President Shinichi Higashiue
Excective Director Shuzo Kobayashi
Staffing Ratios Patient-to-nurse staffing ratio 7:1
Number of beds permitted 669 beds (658 occupied beds)
□ General hospital beds: 649 beds
ICU: 8 beds, HCU: 8 beds, Critical Care Center: 30 beds ,
(ICU: 10 beds, HCU: 20 beds),
Negative pressure rooms: 13 beds, Sterile rooms: 5 beds
□ Psychiatric beds: 10 beds
SKGH Staff Members

Total number of Staff: 2,136 (April 1st, 2022)

Doctors: 437 (Fulltime :284, Part-time:153),Dentist:8(Fulltime:2, Part-time:6), Nurses: 795, Pharmacists: 60, Clinical Radiologists: 90, Clinical Laboratory Technologists: 69, Managerial Dieticians: 16, Physical Therapists: 53, Occupational Therapists: 28, Speech Therapists: 13, Clinical Engineers 39, Orthoptists: 7, Clinical Research Coordinators: 16, Medical Social Workers: 13, Child-minders: 24, Emergency Life-saving Technician:16, Medical Clerks: 95, Administrative Staff: 47, Health Information Managers: 11, Laborer:79, and Others: 220

Training Opportunities Postgraduate clinical training, Cardiovascular Medicine and Cardiovascular Surgery offer advanced clinical training of foreign medical practitioners
State-of-the-Art Imaging Equipment Tomotherapy320 multi-slice CT scanner, 3.0 Tesla MRI scanner, X-ray TV room, Mammography, Mammotome, Interventional Radiology CT facility, Proton therapy, da Vinci Xi (Endoscopic surgery assist robot), Brachytherapy (RALS), PET/CT


Historical Timeline

November, 1988 Shonan Kamakura Hospital opened.
June, 1995 Day Surgery opened with three beds.
December, 1995 SKGH become a medical corporation, known as Iryou Hojin Aishinkai.
October, 2002 SKGH attained V3 status in hospital function rating.
January, 2004 Electronic medical record system (KJC- web) was introduced and commened operation.
April, 2007 SKGH, in collaboration with Mirai Iryo Research Center Inc, opened the Clinical Research Center.
November, 2007 SKGH upgraded to a V5 status in hospital functional rating.
July, 2008 Oncology Center opened.
October, 2009 Listed as accredited Hospirate Hospital (Hospital rating project for better working conditions).
February, 2010 SKGH was recognized as Iryou Hojin (medical corporation) Okinawa Tokushukai.
April, 2010 Regenerative Medicine and Cell Processing Center opened.
September, 2010 SKGH opened at its new hospital site at Okamoto.
October, 2012 Accredited by Japan Council for Quality Health Care Ver. 6
October, 2012 Accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI)
March, 2013 Accredited Japan Medical Service Accreditation for International Patients (JMIP)
April, 2013 SKGH is Appointed as Emergency and Critical Care Center
August, 2013 Re-accredited by JCI (Emergency and Critical Care Center Department)
April, 2014 SKGH is appointed as Corporation Hospital in case of disaster
April, 2015 Cancer treatment hospital designed by Kanagawa Prefecture
May, 2015  Designated as Research Institutes Handling Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research
August, 2015  Accredited by the Specific Accreditation Committee for Regenerative Medicine, etc.
October, 2015 JCI (Joint Commission International) certification renewed
March, 2016 JMIP(Japan Medical Service Accreditation for International Patients)re-certified
October, 2016 Hospital accreditaion by Japan Council for Quality Healthcare (3rdG:Ver.1.1) accredited
April, 2018 Advanced Medical Center opened
November, 2018 JCI (Joint Commission International) certification renewed
March, 2019 JMIP(Japan Medical Service Accreditation for International Patients)re-certified
July, 2019 East ward (10 beds) on the 15th floor opened
October, 2019 Hospirate (the evaluation of hospitals where people want to work) re-re-certified
April, 2020 Designated as a Regional Base Hospital for Cancer Treatment
April, 2020 Designated as a Community Medical Support Hospital
June, 2020 Chairman of the Board of Directors: Hisaaki Afuso, Chairman
April, 2021 Advanced Medical Center building completed
October, 2021 Changed to Tokushukai Medical Corporation Shonan Kamakura General Hospital
November, 2021 JCI (Joint Commission International) certification renewed
April, 2022 The Critical Care Center and Trauma Center Building completed (29 additional beds / 5 trauma operating rooms opened)
June, 2022 Chairman of the Board of Directors: Shinichi Higashiue, Chairman
July, 2022 Designated as a Kanagawa DMAT Designated Hospital
July, 2022 Designated as Kanagawa Prefecture Disaster Base Hospital



General Consultation Service Hours

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12:30~ * Hours vary by department

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12:30 ~ * Hours vary by department

※Some departments are by appointment only. Consultation Service Hours may vary by department. Please ask the clerk at the reception desk or call +81-467-46-1717 for further details regarding operating hours.

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