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Our Policy Regarding Protection of Personal Information

We are providing medical care based on the hospital's objective, which is constant realization of high quality medical care and better services toward patients. To provide immediate and accurate medical care depending on a patient's condition, the information regarding patients is necessary for us.

However, such information includes personal details, so we think it is important to securely manage patient medical information to provide reassurance when receiving our medical services.
In our hospital, strict attention has been paid to the protection of patient personal information based on the following policy:

  1. Our hospital complies with the law regarding personal information and we handle patient information under strict control.
  2. Our hospital collects patient personal information for the medical care of the patient and for the purpose of hospital operation and management.
    The range of necessary information may vary depending on the medical and technical perspective. Therefore, if there is any question regarding such information, we are able to answer your questions at anytime.
  3. Our hospital is assigned as a docotr and co-medical profession clinical training hospital. Therefore, for training purposes, doctors-in-training and students of co-medical professions will be also present during medical practice, nursing, and/or treatment.
  4. Our hospital has a specified manager to handle the patient information safely and properly. Moreover, we also consolidate rules and regulations, perform staff training, and conduct audits.
  5. Our hospital strives for secured and accurate maintenance to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, and leakage of patient personal information.
  6. Our hospital consigns some parts of its operations to external business facilities when it is necessary.
    In some cases, the facilities need to know patient personal information, so we select reliable facilities who operate under strict contractual rules to handle patient information correctly.
  7. When a patient requests to have disclosure of their personal information, our hospital will check the contents and correspond with them without delay.
    Also, if the patient requests to correct the details, for example, if the contents are incorrect, we will investigate and correspond appropriately.
  8. For inquiries regarding the above policy, please talk to the patients' consultation office.

September 1st, 2010
Director of Shonan Kamakura General Hospital
Masaki Shiono

Purpose of Using Patient Personal Information

Our hospital uses patient personal information for the following purposes, and we attempt to handle such information through a reliable system.
Upon understanding the following details, we would be grateful for your cooperation with the practice.

Patient medical information that is needed for providing medical treatment:

Inside our hospital...

  • To provide patient (including health examination, standard medical checkup, and private medical checkup) medical care and explanation.
  • Within the hospital operation and management with regards to the patients:
    • Ward management, such as hospitalization and discharge (accounting and finance)
    • Analysis and reporting for quality improvement, security, medical accidents, and/or preventing accidents
    • Improving medical services for patients

Outside the hospital...

  • Within the remit of medical treatment that our hospital is providing:
    • Cooperation with other hospitals, clinics, home midwifery, pharmacy, home-visit nursing station, care service providers, and other medical institutions
    • Answer to queries from other medical institutions - In case of seeking outside doctors' opinions and suggestions for provision toward patient medical treatment
    • Consign laboratory testings and other operations - Explaining medical conditions to patients' families
  • Within the operations regarding medical insurance
    • Submission of receipts to the healthcare bill check and payment organization and insureds and to answer queries from insureds
  • To notify the results in cases of medical examinations which are carried out on consignment from businesses
  • Regarding medical professional liability insurances, consulting to and notifying to professional organizations related to medical care and insurance companies
  • Reporting to the third party organization for quality improvement, security, medical accidents, and/or preventing accidents

Purposes other than those listed above

Inside our hospital...

  • Basic data for the maintenance and improvement of medical care and nursing services
  • Cooperation in the practical training for students and in the educational training for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, radiology technicians, physiotherapists, nutritionists, clerical staff, and other medical staff
  • Analyzing causes of deaths through, such as case study, research, and conferences for autopsy and clinical pathology
  • In the case of research, clinical trials, and post-marketing clinical testing, carrying forward in accordance with relevant laws and regulations
  • Surveys for course of treatment and prognosis, satisfaction, and business improvement

Publication at academic societies and in medical journals...

  • In the reporting of case studies and examples about particular patients, users, and other individuals at academic societies, study groups, and in academic journals, patitent names, dates of birth, physical addresses, and other personal information are anonymized. If it is impossible to anonymize such information, we obtain the consent of the person first.

Providing information to outside institutions...

  • Providing information to external auditing organizations
  • Cooperating (eg. service personnel meetings) with and answering queries from external businesses that provide home care services to appropriate users, such as in-home service providers and home care service establishments


*If there is not any inquiry or complaint, then with regard to the use of patient information, we consider that the agreement to use such information has been agreed. If you have any requests and/or questions regarding this policy, please feel free to contact our patients' consultation office.

Patient's Consultation Office

Tel. 0467-46-1717

September 1st, 2010
Director of Shonan Kamakura General Hospital
Masaki Shiono


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