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Transport & Parking


By Air

From Haneda

【By bus】

From Haneda Airport, take the Keikyu Airport Line Airport Express to Yokohama Station.
At Yokohama Station, transfer to the JR Tokaido Line and get off at Ofuna Station.

【By train】

Please take the direct bus from Haneda Airport to JR Ofuna Station (East Exit).
Haneda Airport Terminal 3: Bus Stop No. 9
Haneda Airport Terminal 1: Bus Stop No. 12, 1st floor arrival lobby
Haneda Airport Terminal 2: Bus stop No. 13, 1st floor arrival lobby

From Narita

Take JR Narita Express direct to JR Ofuna Station.

By Free Shuttle Bus

Pick-up/Drop-off location near Hotel Mets Ofuna.
Please be aware that parking at the hospital is very limited. We recommend you use our shuttle bus service or public transportation.

Free Shuttle Bus Timetable

By Taxi

10min. ride from the Taxi Stand at Ofuna station West Exit
20min. ride from the Taxi Stand at Ofuna station East Exit

By Bus

From Ofuna Station

West Exit Bus Terminal (Ofuna-Kannon side)

Kanachu Bus Numbers 32, 34, 101, 102 stop near the hospital.
Take bus number 32 from waiting area 1 and get off at Kokaido-Mae.
Take Kanachu bus number 101 or 102 from waiting area 1 and get off at Kokaido-Mae.
Take Kanachu bus number 34 from waiting area 2 and get off at Minami-Okamoto.

East Exit Bus Terminal

Follow the path leading to Shonan Monorail station.
The bus terminal is located on the ground floor of the station.
Take the Enoden bus N6 from bus stop no.2 and get off at Minami-Okamoto.
Cross the road and walk toward the apartment tower.
After you pass the apartment tower, the hospital will be in sight.

From Fujisawa Station

Take Enoden bus N6 from bus stop no.9 of North Exit Bus Terminal (Bic Camera side) and get off at Minami-Okamoto.
Take Enoden bus 5301 from bus stop no.8 of South Exit Bus Terminal (Odakyu Department Store side) and get off at Shonan Kamakura General Hospital.


We provide a total of 322 parking spaces, 149 above ground and 173 underground.
The parking lot above ground is open 24 hours, and the underground parking lot is open from 7:00 to 21:00.
Parking fees for outpatients are flat \200 for the first two hours, with an additional ¥100 per hour thereafter.
Parking fee for the general public (including visitors) is ¥200 per hour.
Please use the fare adjustment machine to pay parking fee.


General Consultation Service Hours

【Morning hours】

12:30~ * Hours vary by department

【Afternoon hours】

12:30 ~ * Hours vary by department

※Some departments are by appointment only. Consultation Service Hours may vary by department. Please ask the clerk at the reception desk or call +81-467-46-1717 for further details regarding operating hours.

Days Closed

Sundays and Holidays

Shonan ER

Open 24 hours a day 365 days a year

※For more information, please contact us at +81-467-46-1717 or Fax +81-467-45-0190 or contact us.